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HTCR - award for young researchers

The foundation HTCR believes in the use of human in-vitro-models as a potent instrument for medical research with high clinical relevance. We attach therefore special meaning to the development of new and improved in-vitro-techniques for the research into the pathophysiologic connections of human tissue and moreover to diagnostic an cell-based therapeutic possibilities resulting from it.

The foundation HTCR gives this award as a mark of distinction to young researchers from German speaking countries, who's publications made an important contribution on the field of human in vitro- respectively tissue research.

The price is doted with 2.500 €. Splitting the price between different awardees is possible.
The scientific council of the foundation will choose the prize-winners

Announcement of 2009s price

Applying is possible for young researchers, which publicated in renowned scientific periodicals. Publications, that have already won another price, will not be accepted.

Award-winners will be announced and honoured during the festive evening of the 13th Surgical Research Days in the "Botanicum" Munich/Feldmoching at September 11th 2009.

Open or download, print and fill out the application form (see link below) and send it together with the following documents sixfold to the adress given in the application form:

  1. Curriculum vitae and list of publications
  2. Summary of the submitted publication
  3. Special prints of publication

Closing date is July 31st 2009
If you have any questions, please contact Isabel Hackl, see contacts...

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