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The foundation HTCR - bodies and their members

The foundation HTCR consists of the following bodies Management and Board, which are responsible for operative tasks, further Council, Ethics Board and Scientific Board. Members of the Ethics Board have to advise all bodies in questions of ethics, as activities of the foundation are concerned. They are able to develop ethical rules for the foundations activities and especially the allocation of funds, which should be binding after the consent of the foundations Council. The Scientific Board is, however, assigned to advise the Board and the Council on issues of research and technology. It offers recommendations on single projects or partnerships in research, if needed also on the basis of external expertise. The following persons are working in the different bodies:


    Dr. Christine Wagner
    Executive Board

    Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Kfm. Michael-Peter Unger
    Tax consultant, Neuried


    Prof. Dr. Karl-Walter Jauch
    Medical Director, University of Munich Medical Centre

    Dr. Hans Wagner
    Lawyer, Landrat a. D.

    Bernd H. Harder
    Lawyer, Munich

    Ethics Board

    Prof. em. Dr. Konrad Hilpert
    Retired Professor for moral theology at the department of catholic theology of LM University Munich

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernhard Irrgang
    Professor for the philosophy of technology at TU Dresden

    PD Dr. Christian Lenk
    Executive Officier, Research Ethics Committe University of Ulm
    Insitute for History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine, University of Ulm

    Dr. Walter Schön
    Ministerialdirektor a.D.

    Frau Edith Findel
    Member German Tuberous Sclerosis Foundation

    Prof. Dr. jur. Ulrich Schroth
    Faculty of law, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

    Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thasler
    Head of Department for General and Visceral Surgery, Rotkreutzklinikum München

    Scientific Board

    Prof. Dr. Reinhard Büttner
    Director, Department of pathology, University of Bonn

    Prof. Dr. Michael D. Menger
    Director of the department of clinical-experimental surgery, clinic of the University of Saarland, Homburg/ Saar

    Prof. Dr. Hans J. Schlitt
    Director of the surgical clinic, University of Regensburg

    Dr. Thomas Singer, DABT
    Global Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PS), SVP
    F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. Basel


    Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter H. Hofschneider
    Apl. Professor at the medical department,LMU München, em. scientific member and head of the study group Virus Research of Max-Planck-Institut for biochemics, Martinsried

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