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The foundation HTCR believes in the use of human in-vitro-models as a potent instrument for medical research with high clinical relevance. We attach therefore special meaning to the development of new and improved in-vitro-techniques for the research into the pathophysiologic connections of human tissue and moreover to diagnostic an cell-based therapeutic possibilities resulting from it.

With the use of these new techniques in many areas experimenting with animals is no longer necessary. Moreover the question, whether results are valid for human beings too, does not arise. In addition to the support or research given by the government or from private, the foundation wants to support research into the employment of primary human in vitro-models in or off university by aimed deployment of its funds.

Focused on the thought that human in vitro cell systems, which are resulting from rejected human tissue (dissections from operations) and are donated to purposes of research by the patients, can be used directly to support research.

With the foundation HTCR, there arises to many scientists for the first time the possibility to receive human tissue from operations on a legally and ethically cleared basis - documented and archived precisely. The foundation makes sure that samples or data are not used in an uncontrolled way and that donators rights are preserved, without cutting research or making it impossible due to excessive regulation.

The foundation HTCR was called to life at Regensburg in 2000 by Prof. Dr. Karl-Walter Jauch, currently Medical Director of University of Munich medical centre, as non profitable foundation under civil law.


Tissue Bank under administration of HTCR nominated as
"Research Biobank of the Year 2013"

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Status Report 2009

The current status report "Stiftung HTCR 2009" shows in detail the foundation, its activities and cooperations as well as the supported research projects on more than 100 pages.

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