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The following original articles were published by members or persons associated to the foundation HTCR on issues concerning purpose and tasks of the foundation:

Anderson R, Balls M, Burke MD, Cummins M, Fehily D, Gray N, de MG, Helin H, Hunt C, Jones D, Price D, Richert L, Ravid R, Shute D, Sladowski D, Stone H, Thasler W, Trafford J, van Der Valk J, Weiss T, Womack C, Ylikomi T (2001)
The Establishment of Human Research Tissue Banking in the UK and Several Western European Countries: The Report and Recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 44.
ATLA Lab Anim. 29, 125-134.

Thasler WE, Weiss TS, Jauch KW (2001)
Healing in the Petri dish: Human liver cells in vitro – clinical relevance and therapeutic options of a liver cell transplantation.
Biotechnology in Bavaria: 52-55.

Thasler WE, Weiss TS, Schillhorn K, Irrgang B, Jauch KW (2002)
Die Verwendung menschlichen Gewebs in der Forschung - ethische und rechtliche Gesichtspunkte [Human tissue research: ethical and legal aspects].
Dtsch Med Wochenschr. 127, 1397-400.

Jauch, KW (2003)
Humane Zellen - Humane Ziele. [Human cells - humane aims.]
Biotechnologie in Bayern: 21-22.

Thasler WE, Weiss TS, Plän TH, Jauch KW (2003)
Clinical research with human in vitro models.
BIOforum Europe 01, 16-19.

Thasler WE *, Weiss TS *, Plän T, Stoll PT, Schillhorn K, Irrgang B, Jauch KW (2003)
Human tissue research and ethical and legal guidelines.
Cell Tissue Banking 4, 49-56.
* both authors contributed equally

Thasler WE, Schlott T, Kalkuhl A, Plän T, Irrgang B, Jauch K-W, Weiss TS
Human tissue for in vitro research as an alternative to animal experiments - Charitable "honest broker" model to fulfil ethical and legal regulations, and to protect research participants.
ATLA-Altern Lab Anim 2006; Aug;34(4): 387-392

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