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Supply of tissue samples by the foundation HTCR

To get tissue from the foundation HTCR simply the following steps are necessary:

  1. Download the pdf-application form, fill out, print and return it duly signed via fax to the number contained in the form. The application form will then be reviewed by the HTCR board on the basis of the existing guidelines.

    Get application form... (Adobe Reader Version 9 or higher is needed!)


  2. Print and return duly signed via fax to the given number the "Declaration on the use of human tissue for the purposes of medical-scientific research".

    Get declaration...

HTCR guidelines
The guidelines for asservation and allocation of tissue as well as rules for priorization of tissue supply used by the foundation HTCR to guarantee ethical and legal aspects of collecting and allocating human tissue, can be requested: see contacts...

There are costs incurred by the HTCR foundation in making available donated tissue (patient information and consent, organization, data collection and processing). An agreement is to be made with the foundation regarding reimbursement of these costs, depending on how the tissue is supplied, as well as on the duration and scope (number of donors, indications) of tissue supply. In case of academic/non-profit-use HTCR will bear these costs in terms of a research funding, all or part within the scope of its capabilities.

Please note:

Even if the foundation HTCR will fund academic research projects as named above, all services besides serology and asservation logistics (storage, shipping) by tissue banks on behalf of HTCR or associated research groups which provide processed samples and data, constitute a contribution that should result in co-authorship as defined in the guidelines of the German Research Community (Empfehlungen zur guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis der DFG) - this applies in particular for pre-analytics including cell protein DNA or RNA isolation.

If in the context of tissue donation or related patient data publications are released, a reference to the support by the foundation HTCR has to be given, according to the guidelines of publishers. This should be done in "Material and Methods" as well as in "Acknowledgement" with a usual sentence about being supported.

A. An example for citation in "Material and Methods":

  1. Tissue samples and annotated data were obtained and experimental procedures were performed within the framework of the non profit foundation HTCR, including the informed patient's consent [Lit.].

    Thasler W.E., Weiss T.S., Schillhorn K., Stoll P.T., Irrgang B., Jauch K.W. Charitable State-Controlled Foundation Human Tissue and Cell Research: Ethic and Legal Aspects in the Supply of Surgically Removed Human Tissue For Research in the Academic and Commercial Sector in Germany. Cell and Tissue Banking 2003; 4:49-56.

B. Examples for Acknowledgement:

  1. We acknowledge the support of the non profit foundation HTCR, which holds human tissue on trust, making it broadly available for research on an ethical and legal basis.
  2. The study was supported by HTCR, a non profit foundation under German civil law, which facilitates research with human tissue by providing an ethical and legal framework for prospective sample collection.

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