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Support of research and sciences by the foundation HTCR

Asserving tissue and distributing it supporting research and sciences

At first hand the foundation HTCR is supporting research by giving a supply of tissue to academic and pharmaceutic - therapeutic research facilities, according to firmly defined rules to preserve ethic requirements. More...

Asserving parallel and building up a bio-tissue-bank, as well as saving blinded data of the anamnesis creates step by step a coherent and unique knowledge-base, that is at hand for all partners of HTCR in research and sciences. As scientific associates assistant professor Wolfgang Thasler, M.D. from the surgical clinic of LMU Munich and assistant professor Dr. Thomas Weiss, from the University of Regensburg are assigned with building up and taking care of this bio-tissue-bank. See contacts...

HTCR award

The foundation HTCR gives this award as a mark of distinction to young researchers from German speaking countries, who's publications made an important contribution on the field of human in vitro research.

European Network

Together with partners from all over Europe, the foundation HTCR works on establishing the European Network of Research Tissue Banks (ENRTB). It is common aim to exchange experiences in research into human tissue banks, to increase accessibility, quality and the profile of human tissue for biomedical tests and other purposes of research.
More about ENRTB...

Cooperation with academic research facilities

At the moment the foundation HTCR works together with numerous different clinics and departments respectively research groups. This cooperation implies to one hand the acquisition of tissue, to the other hand, however, concrete tasks in research, i.e. innovative therapeutical starting points for hepatitis infection, liver fibrosis, tumour treatment and liver regeneration.
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The foundation HTCR is open to further cooperation and would like to hear about joint projects. Just contact us!
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Publications made possible by tissue from the foundation HTCR

If national or international publications concerning the donated tissue or the related patient data are produced, we ask to give some reference to the foundation, according to the publishers regulations. The following publications were developed employing HTCR-supplied tissue:

Publications list

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